Welcome to the Internet of Consciousness

The Internet of Consciousness explores the changing the landscape around altered consciousness and imagines a suite of products catered towards a user’s journey into Self. These wearables create experiences of integrating mind, body and spirit that are augmented into daily life through the designed wearable ecosystem, creating a new kind of altered experiential consciousness. It takes a self reflective, therapeutic approach to the pervasiveness of recreational and illicit drug culture in our society and reimagines technology of the body as physicalizing the hidden micro-expressions we carry and provoking us into new states of awareness.


The Root Chakra

To elevate your sensation of rootedness, you can use the balance scales. Step and sway until your feet respond with clarity. Your sounds can be synced to the soles of your shoes for portable listening. 

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The Sacral Chakra

To increase your levels of satisfaction in your surroundings, the belt is to be worn often to monitor your sociability. This provides the algorithm insights into how much time you’ve spent with others by feeling the heat of another body around you through the proximity sensor. You will be able to feel your social expressions. When taken with alcohol, increased readings may result.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

To change and cleanse your day to day realities, a locket is worn at the start of your day. Please whisper into it the intention you seek to carry today. It will give you reminders to focus on the change. If used often, you will feel more confident and decisive to bend perception toward your will. When taken with stimulant drugs, faster results may manifest.

The Heart & Throat Chakra

To peak levels of love and socially intimate moments, the glove module is worn to encourage you to go out and interact with others. It senses how many physical contacts like handshakes or hugs you’ve made. If they also have a glove module and have set a pre-recorded message, it will exchange with yours upon touch allowing for intimate embedded communication. MDMA, MDA and Ecstasy have produced rolling results of higher levels of intimacy, love and unity which may boost your results. 

The Third Eye Chakra

To stimulate psychic sight and conjuring imagination at will, the glasses are to be worn at waking hours for full training. These glasses run on a specific algorithmic output to transform reality augmented to changes in motion, light, depth and bio-metrics. As anxiety and heart rate increases within the hallucinatory warping field of vision, the effects intensify until you learn to engage such visions with calmed reflection and clarity. Please note that psychoactives like LSD, shrooms, andpeyote often amplify the algorithms. Please use with awareness.

The Crown Chakra

Each day ends in reflection with your meditation bodysuit. Your EEG readings are analyzed via sensors in the hood, tracking your focused meditative state. You can call up memories, recordings and bio-data via the body interface. Your results from each product are synced to the points on your body, lighting up in sequence of chakra order, helping you to reflect on the progress you’ve made each day.

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A Day in the Life Of

Through each of these speculative products, a user gains newfound insight and reflection into her everyday life while using the wearables ecosystem. She slowly amasses data each day as the products take her bio-metric readings during routine activities like going to work, getting drinks with friends, socializing, and in the home. Dependent on each product, the qualities and realizations of her own balance, proximity to others, fulfilled intentions, feelings of intimacy, greater imagination and a reflective expansion are made aware through the data-story, allowing her to find what makes life so meaningful among her mundane 9 to 5 routine. The data leads her on a journey of self-discovery and enhanced reality as the devices provoke her own curiosity. What she finds is nothing short of her own reflection.

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Desigining with Consciousness

To open up questions and research into consciousness and reality, the Internet of Consciousness ecosystem serves an embodiment of explorations around the subject of CONSCIOUSNESS through experiential objects, prototyping and systems design. It grapples with questions of subjective reality and perception, new understandings of altered and psychedelic states and imprints of experience on one’s consciousness. Research and study was devoted to determining how recent breakthroughs in consciousness and adulteration in drug use can be used as tools and affordances for design. It offers up possibilities for designing experiences of the future, combining gamification, spirituality, bio-feedback data and augmented reality to create speculations on future living and consciousness.

Looking into the scope of current drug use required anonymous user interviews, surveys, trip reports and observational field immersions into organizations, conferences and environments catered to current trends in recreational and medical psychoactive use.

In order to approach Western appropriation of Eastern ideology and the cynicism towards spirituality and psychedelic experiences, consciousness is framed by the tangible experiences that occur with drug use and cognition and a historical analysis of the subject.

Through prototype explorations and user testing, insights were gained through interation on 2-3 wearable designs. The system became a way to create facilitated experiences through physical computing in ways that were able to enhance and mediate both spiritual and physical states of reality.


The Internet of Consciousness is Elaine Cheung’s graduate thesis work for partial completion for the degree of Masters in Fine Arts at Art Center College of Design’s Media Design Program / LAB.