The last wearable is an awareness of spiritual reality and is commonly referenced in psychedelics or inducing meditative states. This meditation wearable can not only sense when you enter into a meditation trance, but also acts as a way for the user to reflect on all the experiential data they have amassed when using the Internet of Consciousness system.


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    Create space for how you want to live

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    Quantified Spirit

    The spiritual becomes physicalized

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    Mind Trip

    Use the power of your EEG to start the wearable interface

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    Maintain a practice of reviewing your data

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    Your body becomes the interface

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    As you enter meditation inside the IoC, you will begin to see your own life’s programing

  • Sync the data from your wearables for easy reflective playback
  • Natural gestures are added for ease in accessing the technology
  • The body interface can be accessed from any mirror
  • Your collected moments from the day are projected from your body
  • Your meditation bodysuit grows and adapts as you move through your practice
  • The EEG and breath sensors allow for fluid control over your activation state


In order to create a workable prototype of the meditation suit, I began to experiment and hack EEG sensors. With the EEG readings, I could trigger various sequences of the bodysuit. As an expressive version of entering the meditation and activating the “body interface”, I created a soft circuit of circular LED rings and sewed them into a custom bodysuit made with stretchable jersey fabric. After much hacking and sewing, I was able to get the EEG to read when a user hit an average meditation and attention levels which then activated the 6 LED rings to animate and glow along the body, representative of each corresponding chakra placement from the root of the spine to the top of the head.