The Internet of Consciousness uses several distinct theories and established bodies of knowledge to define consciousness. In order to look at “altered consciousness” or the consciousness induced by drugs, beats or meditative states, etc research was analyzed and conducted through an exploration of its cognitive and subjective lenses, relaying great insight into the capabilities of the human mind that can potentially go beyond that of science and medicine.

The IoC system of wearables operates on bringing together these separate theories on consciousness into a holistic picture, one that organizes these states of conscious experiences of life into orderly levels and groupings. Much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, human consciousness reality can be expressed in a similar way. At the bottom lies our physical experiences. Such physical states can be attributed to understandings of a material nature (from basic survival to written language to recognition of shapes and patterns). This state of reality is also tied to a sense of self, but particulary tied to experiences of a bodily and physical manner (birth, shaping of identity, social dynamics and self-confidence). Moving up the pyramid, lies the understanding of consciousness from a more emotional, connected and spiritual way.

The System

System Diagram of the Circuit Model of Consciousness and Hindu Chakras aligned to various points ascending up the body. (These points are taken from the corresponding glands as expressed by the chakra system – where spinning wheels of energy are concentrated at these waypoints)

The various frameworks of consciousness are organized into a systemized hierarchy. The effect of drug induced altered conscious states are also mapped along these levels moving from experiences of a more physical awareness towards an opening of the mental and emotional planes and lastly into a more spiritual and self-actualized presence.

CIRCUITS: Symbolizes a human’s journey through the 8 layers of reality, refering to “circuit” brains that retain information based on direct experience and perceived events, unlocking various levels at different times in life.

DRUGS: Various substances having physiological effects on the user when ingested or consumed by the body. Psychoactive drugs have stronger effects on the senses inducing altered states of consciousness.

CHAKRAS: A systemized map of physical, mental and spiritual vortexes of energy symbolized inside the body. Through mindful living, a spiritual seeker is said to follow the path towards Enlightenment.

The Devices

Throughout my thesis year, my research on consciousness has accumulated into the creation of 6 wearable devices that mimic and highlight the awareness of the altered conscious states as diagramed above (levels 4 and 5 have been combined into one device). Each wearable device emphasizes the general experience and symbolic representation of its corresponding level of consciousness. Designing specific kinds of wearable technologies allows for opportunities to utilize technology to better understand different kinds of consciousness and using such wearables as tools to learn, explore and play with what is possible at the edges of our cognitive minds.